The services we provide are customized to each client's unique case. This individualized approach means that the scope of work required may vary, and consequently, the associated costs can also differ. Nonetheless, there are common elements shared by most cases, and we can offer you indicative pricing and information based on typical cases we handle. We will also outline the key factors that might contribute to making your case more complex and potentially costlier.
We are always open to discussing our fees with you. If you would like to have a detailed conversation, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your understanding and satisfaction with our services and associated costs are of great importance to us.

Our fees for dealing with a probate where the assets are in the UK and the Estate is not contested usually correspond to 2% of the total assets value. For assets below £5,000, our fees are based on an hourly rate of £250 plus VAT. According to the complexity of your case, we estimate that our fees will be in the following ranges:

  • Cases of low complexity will cost between £1,500 to £5,000 plus VAT
  • Cases of medium complexity will cost between £5,000 to £10,000 plus VAT
  • Cases of high complexity will cost between £10,000 to £45,000 plus VAT

The complexity of a case will depend on various factors such as:

  • - Foreign domicile issues
  • - The number and type of assets
  • - Assets in a different jurisdictions
  • - The complexity and validity of the will
  • - If the deceased died intestate (without a Will)
  • - Trust creation and administration
  • - Disputes involving the executors and beneficiaries
  • - Tax planning advice

Disbursements are expenditures, typically payments to third parties, that occur throughout the estate administration process. To streamline the process, we usually handle those on your behalf as they arise. In a standard probate case, you can anticipate the following disbursements:

    • • Probate fee £273 for estates over £5,000 (£1.50 for each extra sealed copy of the grant required)
    • • Valuer's fees for valuing property assets likely to be in the region of £250 to £2,500 plus VAT per property being valued
    • • Advert in The London Gazette (Protects against unexpected claims from unknown creditors): £85
    • • Advert in a Local Newspaper (This also helps to protect against unexpected claims): The cost varies according to the local publication but estimated: £60