Inheritance Tax (IHT) Calculator

This tool offers an initial assessment of potential inheritance tax liability following the death of a loved one. It serves as an indicator rather than a precise calculation of inheritance tax. For a more accurate evaluation, please seek our professional advice.
As tax policies and exemptions can change, note that this tool does not consider potential future exemptions.
1. The application of the Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) assumes the main residence is bequeathed to direct descendants.
2. Couples' calculations presume that on the first death, all assets pass to the survivor, forming part of their estate upon the second death.
3. Inheritance tax (IHT) liability for couples assumes joint tenancy for RNRB purposes in the case of multiple properties.
4. Any potential additional nil rate bands, such as those from previous widowhood, are not factored into the calculations.
5. Reduced IHT rates for charitable bequests or national purposes are not considered in this assessment.
6. Lifetime gifts reducing the available nil rate band are not reflected in the calculations.
7. Calculations for couples are based on the assumption of marriage or civil partnership, with both partners being UK domiciles.
8. The value of pension funds and other death benefits is excluded from the estate(s).


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